Evaluation of a New Nano-Type UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Evaluation of a New Nano-Type UV-Vis SpectrophotometerAnalysis of one- to four-microliter size samples for nucleic acids has become routine in many life science laboratories. However, until now, available instruments require considerable manipulation of the instrument and sample; some require manually recording the data. The user must typically lower and raise the arm manually, then wipe the sample manually from the target after each analysis. And fiberoptics used in some of these instruments are subject to deterioration.The BioSpec-nano was developed to provide a compact system that would eliminate some of these tedious operations, while maintaining – and even increasing – accuracy and reproducibility of results. Shimadzu has introduced an instrument that is an innovative, automated UV-VIS Spectrophotometer for life sciences, especially designed for quantitation of nucleic acids or fluorescently-labeled nucleic acids. The BioSpec-nano provides benefits including ‘Drop and Click’ sample mounting-measurement and self-cleaning of the sample pedestal. Manual operations – such as moving the optical head or cleaning the parts in contact with the sample – are no longer necessary. A complete analysis can be performed approximately every 10 seconds.This report will provide data on the accuracy and reproducibility of the BioSpec-nano for dsDNA quantitation, and whether carryover of the automatic wiping mechanism produces detrimental results.Download Now