Hepatoma Cells - Huh7

Huh 7 cells under hepatoma cells, as well as other hepatoma cells are available at Creative Biaorray. 

Organism Human
STR DNA Profile D3S1358: 15
vWA: 16,18
FGA: 22,23
Amelogenin: X
TH01: 7
TPOX: 8,11
CSF1P0: 11
D5S818: 12
D13S317: 10,11
D7S820: 11

Culture Properties epithelial-like
Quality Control Tests for mycoplasma, bacteria and fungi were negative
Storage and Shipping Frozen with 52.5% RPMI-1640, 40% FBS, 7.5% DMSO at about 4-5 x 10^6 cells/ampoule; ship in dry ice; store in liquid nitrogen