Photometrics Evolve 512 Delta EMCCD cameraPhotometrics offers the Evolve 512 Delta EMCCD camera. The Evolve 512 Delta possesses fast frame rates and high sensitivity, enabling researchers to double the rate of data acquisition, reducing time demands for obtaining high quality super-resolution images. The success of super-resolution experiments is dependent upon camera speed and its ability to collect data at extremely high frame rates. While the optical components for super-resolution imaging have improved, the limitations in camera technology to perform at higher speeds, has created a bottleneck. The Evolve 512 Delta is equipped with a sensor running at 20MHz to capture images at 67.5 frames per second.

The Evolve 512 Delta also provides quantitative and detection performance, with accurate and precise triggering capability. It was specifically designed for demanding life science applications including super-resolution, single molecule fluorescence, spinning disk, confocal-live cell, FCS and TIRF.

Evolve 512 Delta offer these features and benefits:

• 20MHz sensor

• 67.5 frames per second

• >90% quantum efficiency

• <1e- using EM gain

• 16-bit Digitization

• 180K e- Full Well

• Quantitative performance

• Wide ranging software support including μManager, MetaMorph, and microscope company software

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