Laboratory appliances can range from incubators, water purifiers, freezers, washers or any other electrical machine that contributes to the effectiveness, cleanliness and efficiency of laboratory experiments. From stackable, four-level glassware washers to wireless laboratory storage monitoring, there are a variety of laboratory appliances on the market right now for optimal laboratory upkeep.

Labconco Glassware Washers, now available at a 33-inch height.

Labconco's FlaskScrubber 33 and SteamScrubber 33

These glassware washers were re-vamped with the release of an additional overall height option of 33 inches, rather than the standard 34.1 to 36.1 inches, to accommodate lower laboratory countertops. Read more.


Miele Professional's System4Lab offers customers a system with support and solutions for the life of the machine.

Miele Professional System4Lab

This system introduced a new concept in cleaning technology, which offers customers a glassware washer, along with a guaranteed solution that includes the right detergents, expert service and application support for the life of the machine. Read more.


The Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue continuously monitors the critical parameters of laboratory equipment.

Thermo Scientific’s Smart-Vue

A wireless, internet-linked storage monitoring system, this product safeguards the laboratory by continuously monitoring the critical parameters of laboratory equipment, such as temperature, CO2 concentration and relative humidity. Read more.



Miele’s Duo G 7893 offers four levels of cleaning, a solution for labs where floor space is limited.

Miele’s Duo G 7893

This glassware washer maintains 8.76 cubic feet of interior space, but offers four levels of cleaning. The vertical stacking offers a solution for labs where floor space is limited, yet particulate-free cleaning and drying of glassware is required. Read more.