Hugo Sachs Isolated Heart Systems GuideHugo Sachs Elektronik, a Harvard Apparatus Company, announced its new Isolated Heart Perfusion Systems Guide featuring the Biventricular Working Heart System—a turnkey isolated heart system. Key benefits include:

• Assessment of external heart work on both right and left heart

• Physiological afterload setting with no high water columns

• Cardiac electrophysiology with ECG and MAP

• Most physiologically relevant isolated heart preparation

• In-depth ex vivo studies of cardiac effects of pulmonary disease

Recently published in the Journal of Visual Experiments (JoVE), this system is a biventricular working heart system based on the Hugo Sachs solid state physiological perfusion technology. The newly configured line of isolated perfused heart systems for rodent models from mouse to rabbit includes the ex vivo isolated perfused heart preparation. These new systems are all featured in the new isolated heart perfusion systems guide. Included in the guide are more detailed descriptions of systems, a variety of application-based options, and full sets of references for popular systems, all for the purpose of providing the information required in order to simplify the equipment purchase.

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