Erlab’s CaptairBio PCR WorkstationsErlab’s CaptairBio PCR Workstations save time and energy, while keeping your samples safe. The workstations use UV lamp, which allows the working environment to be decontaminated in order to prevent contamination of samples between PCR operation. The filtration of the fume hood is controlled by a fan that draws in air from the laboratory and passes it through a HEPA H14 filter, which is over 99.995 percent effective at trapping particles over 0.3 microns in size, thereby creating an ultra-clean working atmosphere. A central screen located at the front of the device further protects substances from any contamination from the user.

The air flow meter system allows air face velocity to be constantly monitored and indicates blockage of the HEPA H 14 filter (only on the Biocap RNA/DNA) and the easily accessible energy ports located on the side panels of the enclosure offer convenience for the user. The ergonomic work surface is made of metal, with an arm rest to provide a comfortable working position. Each fume hood is outfitted with energy efficient internal lighting.

The workstation line also includes the optional MobicapTM rolling cart, which is equipped with an adjustable inner shelf, allowing the user space to work while seated. The cart is equipped with 4 wheels(2 locking wheels).

There are 2 types of PCR workstations available. The Biocap DNA static enclosure for applications with a small risk of sample contamination and the Biocap RNA-DNA dynamic enclosure for applications with high risk of sample contamination

Applications include samples preparation before thermocycling, post PCR DNA sequencing revelation/separation, inVitro fertilizations, cellular cultures, vegetal biology and sterile solutions preparations.

The workstations are used in hospitals, life science labs, botany labs, microbiology labs and agriculture labs and are available in a variety of sizes.

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