Bio Data Platelet Aggregation ProfilerBio/Data Corporation is now offering enhanced software for its Platelet Aggregation Profiler, Model PAP-8E. Version 2. The Version 2 software includes:

  • On Demand Optical Calibration Check that will allow the user to perform instrument calibration using purified water and print results for regulatory requirements.
  • Unlimited User Defined Test Types that can be activated or inactivated according to the user’s preference with as many tests as needed.
  • Selectable Washed Platelet Sample Type that can be used to auto-adjust the optical circuit to perform washed platelet protocols.
  • Temperature Settings that may be adjusted on user defined tests from 32° - 45°C to allow flexibility with testing protocols.
  • Convenient Database Backup and Recovery that makes it easy to backup and restore data to a CD ROM or USB flash drive.
  • New Enhanced Password Protection features that will secure patient data through expiration and log-in failure lock outs.

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