International Pharmaceutical Expo (INTERPHEX), the premier pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical event dedicated to innovation, technology and knowledge, and sponsored by the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA), announced the winners of the INTERPHEX Exhibitor Awards for 2015. In November 2014, INTERPHEX launched the Exhibitor Awards withPharmaceutical Processing to recognize cutting-edge technologies and value-added solutions that enable biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing companies to achieve business and production goals and objectives.

“We received an overwhelming amount of submissions from industry leading suppliers for the first Exhibitor Award Program,” said Ed Several, Senior Vice President and General Manager, INTERPHEX. “The caliber of Innovation and Technologies was impressive and we are very excited to honor this select group with the recognition they deserve at INTERPHEX 2015. Thank you to all of the companies who submitted and, on behalf of the entire INTERPHEX team, I congratulate all of this year’s winners.”

Best in Show — Pall Life Sciences

Pall Life Sciences was recognized for their new Cadence single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) technology that uses a staged flow path design to achieve significantly higher concentration factors (2-4x or greater) in one pump pass than is possible with conventional TFF systems that include a recirculation loop. The key innovation offered by the Cadence single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) technology is the ability to achieve the significant concentration of downstream biopharmaceutical process streams in a single pass without the need for recirculation. With this technology, smaller volumes, higher titers and higher product recoveries are achieved compared with those possible with conventional TFF systems.

Honorable Mention, Best in Show — GE Healthcare Life Sciences AxiChrom

​ GE Healthcare Life Sciences was recognized for the AxiChrom column platform, a revolutionary concept in column chromatography that has been extended to feature new 1.2 and 1.6m columns to overcome many of the challenges related to increasing column size. AxiChrom columns help reduce operation time with its automated packing methods. But the intelligence of AxiChrom goes beyond automation: its purposeful design enables excellent chromatographic performance through its axial compression capabilities and distribution system properties. The innovation of the new AxiChrom columns are scaled-up manufacturing and many time-saving features. 

Best New Product/Service — Apprentice Field Suite

Apprentice Field Suite is awarded Best New Product/Service for the Apprentice Field Suite, trio of applications exclusively for Smart Glasses that empowers biopharmaceutical manufacturing operators and engineers to help them make informed decisions. The three applications, TANDEM, MANUALS and GAUGE, leverage Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Telepresence, and the Myo Armband to provide essential data, process and workflow aids, and sophisticated troubleshooting interfaces. TANDEM, was developed as a way for remote engineers to view exactly what operators are seeing in the manufacturing suite. This greatly improves communication and speeds up the troubleshooting process. MANUALS, is able to interface with companies existing standard operating procedures, batch records, job plans and more. The biggest innovations come from GAUGE. This computer vision software automatically reads and saves analog gauge values, and can warn operators about which bioreactor is still in use prior to cleaning the vessel. 

Editor’s Choice Award (sponsored by Pharmaceutical Processing) — Fette Compacting 

Fette Compacting is recognized for its entire FE series of tablet presses, displayed together for the first time at the same show. Headlined by the North American debut of the FE75 double-sided press, other models include the FE55 and FE35. The core design philosophy threading its way through the FE series is that of Fette’s Tri.Easy concept. Tri.Easy represents the simplification of the three primary aspects of tablet press use-those of changeover, operation and maintenance. The FE75 is an ultra-high-speed, double-sided tablet press with superlative capabilities featuring three manufacturing modes: mono-layer manufacturing, with double-sided discharge; direct compression for difficult products; and double-layer manufacturing, with single-sided discharge. The FE series fulfills the unique requirement of providing presses that can produce an ever greater number of tablets, while occupying less space on the manufacturing floor while simultaneously providing users with the technological versatility for compressing an overwhelming majority of potential tablets on one press. 

Best Technologies Innovation — G-Con Manufacturing

G-Con Manufacturing is recognized for the Portable, Continuous, Miniature and Modular (PCMM) platform. PCMM is a standardized production technology platform used for product development and commercial manufacturing offering a process analytical technology (PAT)-compatible process control solution for continuous wet granulation and continuous mixing/direct compression, enabling efficient transfer from development to clinical and commercial production without scale-up that is easy to deploy and ship. A key advantage is being able to use the same equipment throughout the entire product lifecycle. In addition, the PCMM platform combines equipment design, PAT, advanced process control and engineering expertise to deliver a fully integrated cGMP facility using PODs. This first-of-a-kind system has the potential to transform the future of pharmaceutical process development and manufacturing while providing the flexibility needed to address the evolving portfolio requirements for in-country and small-lot manufacturing. 

Source: Interphex