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<Head: FDA committee wants a new label for certain pain relievers>

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<High: The group now finds credible evidence from trial data that naproxen

carries a lower cardiovascular risk than other drugs in that category>

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NORAH O`DONNELL: This morning an FDA committee wants a new label for certain pain relievers, including Aleve. They contain naproxen. The group now finds credible evidence from trial data that naproxen carries a lower cardiovascular risk than other drugs in that category.

CHARLIE ROSE: Our Doctor David Agus is the author of A Short Guide to a Long Life. It`s published by Simon & Schuster, a division of CBS. He joins us from Los Angeles. Good morning.

DR. DAVID AGUS (CBS News Contributor/USC Professor of Medicine): Good morning, guys.

CHARLIE ROSE: So why is naproxen safer?

DR. DAVID AGUS: Well, it stems from 2004, when the clinical trial on Vioxx and Celebrex showed an increased heart attack risk. Vioxx was pulled to the market and then they show that it was in the same other class, like the Motrin, the Advils and met-- naproxen, naproxen. Now with three hundred and fifty thousand patients looked at, naproxen doesn`t seem to have the heart attack risk of the others.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Why would the-- the government be doing essentially a one eighty on this?

DR. DAVID AGUS: Well, it`s-- it was initially a warning on the whole class of drugs but now looking at big data, we can go back and tease out each individuals drug showing that naproxen isn`t as risky as the others. People need to take pain meds. And so this appears to be the safer one.

CHARLIE ROSE: So-- but what I don`t understand is why is naproxen safer other than the fact that it is safer? What makes it safer? What does it have that others don`t? How is it different from aspirin?

DR. DAVID AGUS: It`s a great question. Well, aspirin is different. That`s a different class of drugs. But the Motrin, the Advil, these hit a certain pathway called COX-1 and COX-2. And na-- naproxen hits it a little bit differently so we don`t get the increased clotting that can happen in the heart and cause heart attacks.

NORAH O`DONNELL: What do you use, Doctor Agus?

DR. DAVID AGUS: I try to stay away from pain meds as much as possible by not getting hurt.

NORAH O`DONNELL: But you do take your aspirin every day, we know.

DR. DAVID AGUS: You`re right.

CHARLIE ROSE: But-- but I mean you`re not suggesting people who-- who have certain heart ailments shouldn`t use these drugs, are you? Okay.

DR. DAVID AGUS: No. I mean what we`re suggesting in terms of a low dose it dates-- for a couple days use doesn`t cause a problem. This is chronic use, especially at the higher dosages. But people with existing heart problems really should switch or consider the naproxen and have a discussion with your doctor. Next week or two weeks there`s going to be a meeting at the FDA panel, the outside panel that will review this data and make final conclusions that the FDA may or may not accept, but this was an unusual statement that the FDA initially said, listen, we got to take warning here. And there`s an ongoing clinical trial between ibuprofen or Advil and naproxen and Celebrex. And the FDA said maybe we should stop that trial because it may not be ethical to continue it, given the possible safety of one versus the others.

NORAH O`DONNELL: Really important information. Thank you so much, Doctor David Agus.

DR. DAVID AGUS: Thank you, guys.

NORAH O`DONNELL: And it is now seven forty-seven, time for your local weather.


NORAH O`DONNELL: A New York City congressman threatens a local TV reporter with the camera rolling.

REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL GRIMM: You`re not man enough, you`re not man enough. I`ll break you in half. Like a boy.

NORAH O`DONNELL: And that`s right. We`re going to hear the question that got the congressman so mad. That`s ahead on CBS THIS MORNING.


CHARLIE ROSE: Pope Francis greeted visitors in St. Peter`s Square this morning. And that is not the only place he is popular. A picture of Francis graces the new cover of Rolling Stone. The headline: "The Times They Are A- Changin`."

And a pop artist painted the pope`s image on a building in Rome. The portrayed shows him as a superhero.

GAYLE KING: Do you think that`s the first time a pope has been on the cover of Rolling Stone?


NORAH O`DONNELL: Probably. Yes.

All right. Also ahead, Senator Rand Paul joins us to respond to the State of the Union address. You`re watching CBS THIS MORNING.


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CHARLIE ROSE: It is 8 AM. Welcome back to CBS THIS MORNING. Cold, snow, and ice paralyze much of the South. Hundreds of cars are trapped on Atlanta freeway. Georgia sends a National Guard to rescue drivers.

And President Obama tells Congress act or get out of the way. Republican Senator Rand Paul tells us what he thinks the President should be doing and it`s one-part news conference, two-part circus. Mo roca-- Mo Rocca takes and makes his way through the scrum at Super Bowl Media Day.

But, first, on this January, 29, 2014, here`s a look at today`s Eye-Opener @ 8.

MIKE PALUSKA: People just got out of work. They got stranded. They got caught in the snow. There were students that were on buses. They were stranded for hours on end. Yeah, it`s been a heck of a day here.

MANUEL BOJORQUEZ: Temperatures in this part of North Carolina will not get above freezing until, possibly, tomorrow.

MAN #1: I moved further south to get away from the snow but if follows me down I guess.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: America does not stand still, and neither will I.

CHARLIE ROSE: Why so much emphasis on executive orders when so many people believe they have limited abilities.

JOE BIDEN: We`re just not going to sit around and wait for the Congress if they choose not to act.

NORAH O`DONNELL: The football team at Northwestern University is filing papers to create the first Labor Union for college athletes.

DEMAURICE SMITH: Some of them live below the poverty line, even though, the sport that they are playing in makes their college millions and millions of dollars.

JOE BIDEN: If I do the job well and decide to run for President, it will help. If I don`t do the job well and decide to run for President, it won`t help. And if I don`t run for President, it will all be okay.

NORAH O`DONNELL: We ask tough questions here at the table. And, Gayle just asked--



DEMAURICE SMITH: No one told me that when I came on this morning.

CHARLIE ROSE: A pop artist painted the pope`s image on a building in Rome. The portrait shows him as a superhero.

DAVID LETTERMAN: Ticket sales way off. Three reasons, the weather--

MAN #2: Right.

DAVID LETTERMAN: --too far to travel--

MAN #2: Ah.

DAVID LETTERMAN: --and people are really afraid that once they get to New Jersey someone will close the George Washington Bridge.

CHARLIE ROSE: I`m Charlie Rose with Gayle King and Norah O`Donnell. Thousands of people in the South are stranded this morning in cars, buses, stores, and schools.



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