As Pittcon 2013 kicks off this week, companies are unveiling a wide variet of new products for the market.

Refractive Index Detector for UHPLC 
Wyatt Technology announced the immediate availability of the Optilab UT-rEX (UHPLC refractometer with EXtended range), the first RI detector specifically designed for use with UHPLC systems using columns packed with small beads.
Highly Flexible Automated PCR Setup Workstation
Hamilton Robotics introduces the PCR setup STARlet, the first automated liquid handling system flexible enough to accommodate any DNA amplification reagent kit, from simple setups and small budgets to highly demanding workflows.

Single Photon Counting Option for Time-resolved Measurements 
At Pittcon 2013, WITec launched StrobeLock, a time-correlated single photon counting measurement option.

New Laboratory Fluidics Solutions 
Harvard Apparatus announced its new 2013 Catalog of Syringe and Peristaltic Pumps, which includes a constant pressure syringe pump, the PHD ULTRA XF, delivering forces greater than 1,000 lbs. for high pressure applications and the all new Harvard Peristaltic Pump series.

Polymer Chromatography System for Improved Efficiency 
Waters ushered in the next era in polymer discovery with the introduction of the The ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC) System.
Cheminformatics Platform Enables Collaborative Science
ACD/Labs, a chemistry software company that develops and commercializes enterprise and desktop solutions to support R&D efforts, and preserve and re-use legacy chemical and analytical knowledge, announced the commercial availability of ACD/Spectrus DB.