A recent article in the Inquisitr reported on widespread prejudice against obese people, referring to the bias as “the last acceptable prejudice.”

Among the cited sources is a study conducted by Arizona State University medical anthropologist Alexandra Brewis Slade that found people often link excessive weight to a “negative moral message,” such as laziness or weakness.

Other studies and examples back the bias claim, from discrimination in the workplace to arbitrarily applied airline policies against overweight passengers.

Readers are directed to a Twitter “tweet chat” on obesity and fat stigma with ABC News’ chief health and medical correspondent, Richard Besser.

Brewis Slade, who is a professor in, and the director of, the School of Human Evolution and Social Change in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is also the director of operations for the ASU-Mayo Clinic’s Obesity Solutions Initiative.

Article source:
The Inquisitr