Bioscience Technology This Week #4: Gold Nanoparticles Show Promise for Drug Delivery

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 2:02pm

On this episode of Bioscience Technology This Week:

Gold Nanoparticles Show Promise for Drug Delivery

A special class of tiny gold particles can easily slip through cell membranes, making them good candidates to deliver drugs directly to target cells.


Deciphering the Wheat Genome

Bread wheat is the most widely cultivated cereal crop in the world—providing 20 percent of the food calories consumed by humans. Bread wheat contains six duplicated copies of its genome and is more than five times larger than the human genome—making genome research in wheat particularly difficult. Recently, though, Scientists from the UK, Germany and US deciphered its complex genetic code to create new tools for breeders and researchers across the world. 


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