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Lentivirus-based RNAi Screening

October 16, 2007 11:03 am | Product Releases | Comments

MISSION LentiExpress shRNA-based system for high-throughput RNAi screening eliminates reagent preparation, utilizing a simple method to perform complex screens. An Optimization Plate enables quick optimization of the system for a particular cell line.

NMR Spectrometer

October 16, 2007 11:02 am | Product Releases | Comments

The compact Avance III NanoBay NMR spectrometer offers a Microsoft Windows-based user interface (LINUX option) and provides NMR information for pharmaceutical chemists, for academic research and teaching, and for diagnostics research and other small molecule applications.

Bioscience Spell-checking Software

September 11, 2007 12:22 pm | Product Releases | Comments

The latest release of Spellex Biotech spell-checking software includes more than 200,000 specialty words from the bioscience industry and spelling engine enhancements.


Mass Spectrometers (11655)

September 11, 2007 12:22 pm | Product Releases | Comments

LTQ Orbitrap Discovery and LTQ Orbitrap XL mass spectrometers are offered for pharmaceutical, metabolomic, proteomics and biomarker discovery research. The LTQ Orbitrap Discovery is suited for general proteomics and metabolism applications, offering an alternative to Q-TOF systems.

Integrated Robotics Systems

September 11, 2007 12:22 pm | Product Releases | Comments

Robotics systems are offered for high-throughput pharmaceutical and biotech applications. The Motoman HP3JC Robot provides the transportation foundation for these systems, while SAMI Workstation EX Software provides features tailored to specific applications.

Division Arrested Cell Lines

August 23, 2007 7:42 am | Product Releases | Comments

Suite of 60 division arrested cell lines screens a broad range of therapeutic targets. Generated through a proprietary treatment of dividing cells, division arrested cells do not require lengthy and cell culture procedures to prepare live cells for screening assays.

Silica-based Columns (11165)

July 23, 2007 7:00 am | Product Releases | Comments

TurboFlow columns (Thermo Fisher Scientific), designed for use with the company’s Transcend chromatography systems, provide the capability to integrate online sample preparation with LC-MS analysis.

Gene Expression Profiling (10909)

June 22, 2007 7:43 am | Product Releases | Comments

DTEx is microarray-based technology for profiling the effects of drugs on the gene expression of key proteins involved in drug disposition.


K-RAS Mutation Detection Kit

June 22, 2007 7:43 am | Product Releases | Comments

K-RAS Mutation Detection Kit (DsX, Manchester, UK) detects seven key mutations in the K-RAS gene.

L-type Calcium Channel Drug Testing

May 16, 2007 12:57 pm | Product Releases | Comments

Millipore Corp. has added the human L-type calcium channel, a voltage-gated channel involved in normal myocardial and vascular smooth muscle contractility, to its CardiacProfiler Service for compound liability testing.

Bioprocess Filtration

May 16, 2007 12:56 pm | Product Releases | Comments

A complete line of ULTA normal flow filters are offered for process efficiency from early phase product development through to full-bioprocess filtration production.

Software Facilitates Drug Candidate Analysis

April 17, 2007 12:23 pm | Product Releases | Comments

This software initiative is intended to make the drug development cycle more effective and ultimately result in better drugs.

Peristaltic Dispenser

February 13, 2007 10:41 am | Product Releases | Comments

Perifill IQ 3000 microprocessor-controlled precision peristaltic dispenser is offered for sterile and non-sterile serial dispensing in drug dispensaries, bacteriology labs, pharmaceutical and diagnostic batch production. It dispenses 0.1 ml up to 1000 ml using nine user-defined programs.


Barbed Fittings

February 13, 2007 10:41 am | Product Releases | Comments

Molded, barbed connectors, for use in lab, biopharmaceutical, bioprocess, purified water, and other applications, are called Thermobarb FDA PP. The fittings eliminate mold parting lines and flashing (waste particles that can dislodge during use and cause contamination.

Focus on Outsourcing 12/22/06

December 22, 2006 6:16 am | Articles | Comments

Listing of licensing and service agreements

Focus on Clinical 12/15/06

December 15, 2006 8:42 am | Articles | Comments

Listing of drug developments and approvals

Aiming at Cancer

December 12, 2006 9:35 am | Articles | Comments

The rate of cancer incidence continues to remain stable while the death rate from cancer continues to decline, states the 2005 Cancer Trends Progress Report Update, published by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Water, Water Everywhere

December 12, 2006 7:06 am | Articles | Comments

Water was a problem for Leonard Tini. In his drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics laboratory at AstraZeneca (Wilmington, DE), Tini runs high-throughput studies - mostly cell-based assays.

Focus on Alliances 12/8/06

December 8, 2006 5:42 am | Articles | Comments

Listing of collaborations, acquisitions, and mergers

Focus on Funding 12/1/06

December 1, 2006 10:08 am | Articles | Comments

Listing of awarded and available funding

A New Light On Neuronal Networks

November 16, 2006 6:00 am | Articles | Comments

In neurobiology, crucial mechanisms work at various scales, from molecular interactions between two cells to information traveling through networks of many neurons.

Visualizing the Future: Imaging Biomarkers

November 16, 2006 5:44 am | Articles | Comments

Quick, what do you think of when you hear the word "biomarkers?" For most people, the first thought is probably of markers of disease (or therapeutic response or toxicity) found in enzymes, proteins, hormones, and other substances detectable in blood, urine, or cerebrospinal fluids.

Focus on Clinical 11/10/06

November 10, 2006 7:07 am | Articles | Comments

Listing of drug developments and approvals

Focus on Alliances 11/3/06

November 3, 2006 11:40 am | Articles | Comments

Listing of collaborations, acquisitions, and mergers

FDA and Drug Makers Could Run Tighter Ship 10/31/06

October 31, 2006 9:15 am | Articles | Comments

Source: Washington University, St. Louis, Mo.

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