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Multichannel Pipettor

Wed, 01/07/2015 - 9:59am


Gilson's PIPETMAN M MultichannelGilson's PIPETMAN M Multichannel, an electronic and motorized extension of the product series, combines the PIPETMAN M single channel's motorized functionality with the PIPETMAN Neo Multichannel's increased throughput capability. The multichannel pipette was designed specifically for use with 96- and 384-well microplates and is available in 8- and 12-channels for two volume ranges: 1 to 20 µL and 20 to 200 µL. Like previous models, the unit utilizes a proprietary Trident and tip spacer to distribute ejection forces evenly over each tip, reducing tip ejection forces. The motorized piston virtually eliminates pipetting variability among users and the adjustable piston speed allows users to pipette denser samples with accuracy. It offers a patented piston drive mechanism that guarantees equal pressure and consistent volume levels across all channels when aspirating and dispensing. The pipette boasts four essential pipetting modes—including reverse, mix, repetitive and pipetting.

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