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Pipette Filling and Dispensing

Mon, 09/23/2013 - 11:13am


PIPETBOY pro from INTEGRAThe accuracy of pipetting depends on precise graduations on a serological pipette and on the ability to accurately match the liquid's meniscus with the graduation mark. The PIPETBOY pro from INTEGRA enables the user to accurately displace liquid in the pipette by applying variable finger pressure on its pipette triggers. To operate a PIPETBOY pro, fully press the aspiration trigger to quickly draw liquid into the pipette until almost full, then gradually release the trigger to reduce speed and accurately match the meniscus to the graduation mark. Similarly, when dispensing, slightly press the trigger for drop-by-drop dispensing of liquid, or fully trigger the powerful pump motor for fast emptying of the pipette. Accurate and reliable results can be achieved at pipetting speeds of up to 12 ml/ sec. Adequate lighting is a prerequisite for error-free and comfortable pipetting. An integral white LED light in the PIPETBOY pro provides illumination of the area around the pipette, ensuring accurate pipetting and preventing eyestrain even when dispensing liquids out of an opaque centrifuge tube or dark container. The PIPETBOY pro makes weighs 190 grams and is ergonomically designed.

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