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Thu, 08/29/2013 - 12:13pm

Sigma CRISPRsSigma-Aldrich announced that Sigma Life Science, its biological products and services business, released Sigma CRISPRs, a mammalian genome editing tool suitable for screening and exploratory studies. Sigma CRISPRs are packaged in a single plasmid vector containing GFP for fast enrichment of gene-edited cells and can be custom-designed online using an exclusive online bioinformatics tool. Derived from bacterial and archaeal immune defenses, which guard against invading viruses and foreign DNA, Sigma CRISPRs utilize customizable RNA—nuclease complexes that allow introduction of genome edits at a desired site in mammalian genomes with high efficiency. Sigma's exclusive online design tool allows users to identify the best target site(s) within human, mouse, and rat protein-coding exons that adhere to CRISPR/Cas targeting requirements. It is the only commercial tool that minimizes the possibility of off-target effects by automatically applying CRISPR/Cas best design practices, including a minimum requirement of three base-pair mismatches between the target site and other sites in the genome. Researchers can also request CRISPR/Cas targets derived from their own design preferences or they can engage Sigma's CompoZr Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) bioinformatics team to produce a custom design based on public and proprietary CRISPR guidelines.

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