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Updated LIMS Features Capabilities for Mobile Devices, HTML5, and Advanced Analytics

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 11:19am


STARLIMS Version 11 LIMS software is based on Abbott’s STARLIMS informatics technology and expands user functionality to include mobile-device applications, advanced analytics, and HTML5 compatibility. STARLIMS helps laboratories organize and analyze vast amounts of data across multiple industries, and the new Version 11 software will enable customers to develop apps for their operations. Version 11 software enables STARLIMS customers to leverage the advantages of mobile devices to secure access to LIMS data anywhere and help make decisions faster. STARLIMS v11 software creates forms to run on alternative browsers and includes a single mobile application to support STARLIMS systems. The software allows users to access STARLIMS on Chrome, Safari, and other alternative browsers to display LIMS information on tablet computers and smart phones.

Two new control libraries are included in STARLIMS V11 software: one for forms to be run on desktop computers using alternate browsers and the other will contain controls commonly found on tablets and smart phones that use touch screens. STARLIMS Version 11 software offer users advanced analytics capabilities with out-of the-box dashboards that can make an immediate impact on laboratory operations, such as optimizing workflow and identifying bottlenecks. With the data engine of STARLIMS analytics laboratory personnel can access a dashboard from anywhere, from any device, when they need it. With STARLIMS Version 11 software, existing XFD forms running on Internet Explorer will continue to be the primary platform, but users will have the ability to create proprietary HTML5-based forms to run on alternative browsers.

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