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Cloud-based Collaboration Suite

Tue, 05/21/2013 - 11:56am

Accelrys Externalized Collaboration SuiteAccelrys offers the Accelrys Externalized Collaboration Suite, a software solution designed specifically to address the needs of life sciences organizations engaged in externalized network research. The suite addresses the full range of externalization needs from technology transfer through networked collaboration to scientific informatics across all research data including experiments, chemical structures, assays, and other test results. The result is a more holistic externalization strategy for partnering pharmaceutical, contract research, biotechnology and academic organizations as well as increased flexibility, reduced complexity and improved operational excellence in collaborative network research.

The Accelrys Externalized Collaboration Suite enables secure, real-time, cloud-based access to results within research networks by both sponsor and partner organizations, enabling them to advance their parts of shared projects with maximum efficiency and speed.  The Suite consists of:

  • Accelrys HEOS -A SaaS-based information management and collaboration workspace enabling secure, real-time transfer of structured project data among multiple partners; enforcement of sponsor business rules on results posted by network partners; and IP storage in a secure, project-specific information warehouse.
  • Contur ELN - A flexible, multi-disciplinary electronic lab notebook that improves information sharing and reuse, data protection, process documentation and overall productivity. The Contur ELN can be deployed through a Cloud-based subscription to support technology transfer of experimental methods and requests from sponsors to CROs/network partners and CRO compliance with sponsor requirements for secure, auditable documentation of experiments.
  • Accelrys Enterprise Platform - A scientifically aware information integration and analytics platform facilitating the exchange and management of information created in-house and within externalized partner networks and transforming the data where necessary. The platform also supports the extensibility of cloud systems to implement standard business rules and data analysis methods ensuring results data is compliant with the informatics standards of sponsoring organizations.

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