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Transient Expression Platform

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 9:55am


TAP ambrTAP Biosystems announced a collaboration with Life Technologies to develop a cost-efficient, high throughput protein expression platform. The partnership will combine Life Technologies’ Expi293 Expression System for transient transfection with TAP’s ambr advanced micro bioreactor to enable automated high throughput small scale protein expression. The increased culture consistency and productivity provided by both the Expi293 and ambr systems will offer an new platform for both small volume protein expression screens and optimisation of transient expression conditions.

The ambr system uses realistic scale down bioreactors where culture conditions such as pH and DO are tightly controlled in 48 micro bioreactors (10-15 mL) in parallel, so that protein quality produced by the Expi293F cells cultured in ambr is highly consistent. The protein generated can be used with confidence in vector optimisation studies, as well as high throughput, small scale functional protein production and protein purification studies.

Life Technologies, 800-955-6288,

TAP Biosystems, 302-478-9060,


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