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0.50ml Storage Tube

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 2:15pm

micronic Octygen 0.50ml screw cap tubeThe Octygen 0.50ml screw cap tube available from Micronic is designed for low temperature sample storage. In low temperature storage facilities the cost of freezer space is an important cost of operation both in terms of the number of freezers required and electricity costs. The Octygen tubes feature a design that is 25.6mm tall and delivers 475µl working volume. To further optimize use of storage space, 96 individual 0.50ml Octygen tubes can be stored in an automation compatible rack. The design of the Octygen tube allows a Revco -80°C freezer can store 120,960 0.50ml Octygen tubes compared to only 80,640 0.50ml tubes of a competitive design. Designed for both manual and automated low temperature storage applications the external thread design of Octygen tubes facilitates fast and simple sample handling. A safe polypropylene cap/polypropylene tube seal in the rim of each Octygen tube minimizes diffusion of vapor during storage, even in dehumidified automation areas, thereby ensuring high sample integrity. To demonstrate the high sample integrity performance of the Octygen screw caps, Micronic performed two 4-week temperature tests at 21ºC (room temperature) and -80ºC (freezer temperature). The average weight loss at 21ºC during a 4-week period was 0.0015 grams/week, and at -80ºC no weight loss was detected. Manufactured from high purity polypropylene in a controlled environment compliant with ISO 14644 and medical manufacturing standard ISO 13485 each Octygen tube is uniquely identified with a laser etched 2D Data-Matrix code that will never wear or fall off.

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