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Sensor Provides Automated Feeding for Disposable Bioreactors

Fri, 02/15/2013 - 12:15pm


Stratophase Ranger SoloStratophase launched Ranger Solo, its sensor for inclusion in single-use bioreactors. The sensor provides real-time, in-line bioprocess feeding control to increase yields of fully functional biologics. The technology, targeted at single use systems, offers the same functionality as the company’s Ranger Probe product, which enables automated feeding control in stainless steel and glass reactors. In combination with the Ranger Manager, an intelligent mutli-probe management system, the sensor can be integrated into all bioprocessing systems enabling bioprocess managers to automate their feeding regimes by observing the metabolic rate of their process in real time. In addition, the sensor can be used to rapidly determine, identify and react to key process characteristics, such as maximum metabolic rate and process completion. Ranger Solo technology is available for licensing to partner organizations in the bio-manufacturing supply chain.

Stratophase, 978-842-1557,


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