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Lab Appliance Roundup

Fri, 02/08/2013 - 10:37am


Just like your home, every lab has need of appliances that clean instruments and glassware or freezes and stores samples. The following products represent just some of the tools available from vendors to assist researchers in these needs.
Miele offers System4Lab—a glassware washer, which includes a competent machine, the right detergents, service, and application support for the life of the machine. System 4Lab is Miele’s complete solution for reprocessing glassware and includes four components. 90% of a Miele glassware washer is constructed of 304/316 stainless steel. With powerful pumps and heating elements, Miele glassware washers deliver consistent precision and analytically clean results. Miele provides a nationwide service network, comparable to none with call center support free-of-charge. Miele makes parts replacement and availability a priority. Genuine Miele parts are stocked in the U.S., quality inspected and backed by our 90 day warranty.

The Glacier 9483 upright 17.1 ft3 (483 L) capacity Ultra Low Temperature Laboratory Freezer from NuAire creates a stable, uniform, and reliable environment for the preservation of cells while minimizing frost build up. Energy efficient cascade cooling system monitors temperature and pressures throughout high and low stage circuits. The Inner chamber is surrounded by foam-in-place polyurethane insulation from all sides. Two insulated inner doors maintain interior temperature during openings. Multiple point gasket seals lock in cool temperatures while keeping out ambient air.
SP Scientific offers a wide range of compact and quiet recirculating chillers with heat removal rates from 1050 W (3580 Btu/hr) to 24,000 W (81,910 Btu/hr) and temperature ranges from -90°C to +150°C. SP Scientific's recirculating chillers provide efficient heat removal by means of a constant flow of clean temperature controlled fluid. Ultra Low Temp recirculating chillers are available in four different configurations with a variety of temperature ranges starting at -90C and going up to +150C depending on options selected. The compact, floor standing ULT range are ruggedly designed for continuous operation and provide up to 11,590 BTU/hour heat removal capacity.
TECA introduces a benchtop Liquid-Cooled Cascaded Cold Plate System for ultra-low temperature cooling. The LHP-1200CAS provides direct contact cooling down to -70°C. Designed for laboratory use, the LHP-1200CAS offers versatility and precise control. It can be used to cool components, materials, chemicals, and samples. The LHP-1200CAS can be used with any of the three cascade accessories for low temperature cooling or without the cascade attachment for a larger cooling surface. The user can switch between internal or external RTD sensors for customized control.
The energy-efficient Shuttle Portable Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer from Cole-Parmer offers secure mobile transport of high-value vaccines or biological specimens. Its functionality is ideal for biorepositories, medical/surgical suites, pathology laboratories, tissue banks, regenerative medicine, and other applications in clinical or diagnostic medicine, research, and pharmaceutical distribution. A Stirling engine operates the low temperature freezer, which requires no compressors, dry ice, or LN2, and expends the same volume of energy as a conventional light bulb. The Humm free-piston Stirling engine uses two moving parts that float on helium gas bearings to eliminate contact wear. The linear driver modulates engine power to deliver cooling on demand without on/off cycling.

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