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3D Pre-Coated 96-well Plates

Fri, 01/04/2013 - 1:58pm


Staining of MCF-10A cells after 16 days in 3D Culture Matrix with A) Cell Staining Kit (structural), B) SYBR Green (nuclear), and C) MitoShift (mitochondrial potential); staining of PC-3 cells after twelve days in 3D Culture Matrix with D) Calcein AM (cell viability), E) CPA dye 1 (nuclear) and F) Depsipher (mitochondrial potential).3-D Culture is an innovative approach to modeling the morphological effects of oncogenesis and development using three-dimensional microenvironments. Extracellular matrix proteins form hydrogels under physiological conditions that mimic the cell environment in vivo, and as a result, these cells assume structural and functional characteristics of their emanating tissues. The 3-D Culture Matrix Coated 96 Well Plate (3445-096-CP) from Trevigen is coated with a reconstituted basement membrane matrix to provide the environment that is common for epithelial or endothelial cell types. This plate provides a convenient, standardized, physiologically predictive format for evaluating the pharmacological effects of compounds for these cell culture models.

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