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Multiphoton Imaging System

Tue, 12/11/2012 - 12:07pm

Scientifica Multiphoton Imaging SystemScientifica is launching its Multiphoton Imaging System in the US. Scientifica’s system features a modular design, easing its use with differing microscopes, as well as components being added to a Scientifica SliceScope microscope. The company offers integration with ScanImage or Helioscan software. Multiphoton imaging uses a femtosecond pulsed infrared (IR) laser, fast-moving mirrors and precision optics to capture images of biological structure and activity within living tissue. A laser spot is scanned quickly over a sample, exciting dyes within the tissue. The emitted light is collected and transformed by super-sensitive photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), with the resulting image being captured and displayed on a PC screen. Whether working with tissue sections in vitro, or with whole organisms in vivo, the use of short pulses of low-energy IR light decreases the average laser power reaching the sample and reduces phototoxicity. Scientifica’s Scanhead design is optimized to achieve diffraction limited resolution. Efficient photon gathering (via the PMT’s) can be accomplished from a range of objectives and condensers which act as collection lenses to focus the light onto the PMT’s. Scientifica’s high quality detection units use custom optics, mechanics and noise-reducing electronics to achieve superior signal-to-noise ratio allowing even weak fluorescent signals to be detected. The system can be configured with either a single detection unit above the sample, or with an additional detection unit below the sample for maximum light collection. Scientifica Ltd., +44 (0)1825 749933,


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