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Ergonomic Pipette and Tip System

Fri, 05/20/2011 - 9:50am


Thermo Scientific F1-ClipTip pipette and tip systemThe new Thermo Scientific F1-ClipTip pipette and tip system is the latest addition to a new generation of ergonomic products. The F1-ClipTip system provides light-touch dispensing and tip ejection for ergonomic performance and reliability. The new manual liquid handling system includes all of the features of the Thermo Scientific F1 pipettes, but adds a tip interface that takes pipetting provides new levels of comfort and liquid dispensing consistency. The patented interlock design secures ClipTip pipette tips firmly onto the F1-ClipTip pipette, releasing them with significantly less force than traditional manual pipettes. This system supports comfortable and consistent liquid dispensing while maintaining a secure seal. ClipTip pipette tips have a hydrophobic inner surface to prevent liquid retention, while optional filter tips use the aerosol resistant tip (ART) self-sealing barrier to reduce cross-contamination. With the new F1-ClipTip pipette and tip system, users can clip it and forget it. It’s that simple. As a complete system for secure pipetting, the pipettes and tips are available in a variety of formats or as a Good Laboratory Pipetting (GLP) Kit. Thermo Fisher Scientific, 800-522-7763,


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