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cDNA Library Construction Service

Thu, 03/24/2011 - 7:52am

Dualsystems cDNA Library Construction ServiceA new custom service designed to provide researchers with normalized, high-complexity cDNA libraries is now available from Dualsystems Biotech AG. The service requires very low amounts of RNA and is able to utilize client supplied cells, tissue, total RNA, polyA+ RNA or purchased RNA. It takes approximately 2½ months for the company to construct a normalized cDNA library and deliver purified plasmid DNA, primary glycerol stocks, and a datasheet with all library parameters. Normalization is the process of removing abundant RNAs (e.g. housekeeping genes) from the starting material. Normalized cDNA libraries contain equal amounts of all RNAs and therefore highly increase the occurrence of rare proteins. This significantly increases the quality of yeast two-hybrid screens. Custom normalized cDNA libraries may be constructed for the classical yeast two-hybrid system, the DUALmembrane and DUALhunter systems, or using a client-selected vector. The use of a proprietary adapter ligation method ensures directional cloning of large cDNA inserts and high complexities. To ensure optimal quality and performance, all Dualsystems cDNA libraries must pass the following tests prior to amplification: decreased marker gene abundance; greater than 1x106 independent clones; more than 85% plasmids containing inserts; and an average insert size of 1.2 kb or greater. Dualsystems Biotech AG, +41-0-44-738-50-00,


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