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Microplate Reader Compatible with Automated Systems

Tue, 03/09/2010 - 8:25am


Trinean DropSense-96The Trinean DropSense-96 is a ?l microplate reader from Micronic that gives full spectrum scans of 96 samples in under six minutes. The DropSense-96 provides users increased throughput while needing no sample dilution, and is compatible with automated liquid-handling systems. The Trinean DropPlate-16/96 chip has been designed for use with the DropSense-96. A single DropPlate chip contains 16 input reservoirs for sample storage and fixed dual pathlength measurement structures. For high throughput testing assembly of 6 DropPlate chips on a frame will generate of 96-well microfluidic plate with identical dimensions as a standard 96-well SBS plate, which assures compatibility with liquid-handling robots. There is no risk of sample evaporation, allowing for time- and temperature-dependent assays to be performed. The DropSense-96 comes with the DropQuant software, with special features for DNA/RNA quantification or for determining labeling efficiency. Micronic North America, LLC, 724-941-6411,


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