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Platform for Benchtop Automation

Mon, 02/22/2010 - 10:47am

Thermo Scientific Benchtop AutomationThermo Fisher Scientific launched a new platform for benchtop automation. Centered around the new Thermo Scientific Orbitor microplate mover and powered by the Thermo Scientific Momentum 2.0 laboratory workflow software, this automation solution offers advanced user control and standardized real-time, data-driven decision making. This combination of robotics, peripherals, and scheduling software is ideally suited to small, flexible automated systems or dedicated benchtop applications. The Momentum 2.0 software facilitates predictive modeling of accelerated dynamic processing schedules, eliminating a common compromise between efficient automation usage and unpredictable system behavior. Compatible with a wide range of third-party instrument drivers, the Momentum 2.0 software also enables efficient and cost-effective system design. As a central mover with the ability to rotate 360 degrees, the Orbitor can connect a broad range of scientific devices, making it an extremely versatile platform. It also features integrated stack and random access storage standard, as well as re-grip and plate de-lidding. Flexible shelving and a small footprint make the Orbitor ideal for practical online/offline use and rapid instrument swap out. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 800-365-7587,


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