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Core-shell Chromatography Columns

Fri, 10/23/2009 - 5:36am

Kinetix Chromatography ColumnsPhenomenex introduces Kinetex—ultra-high performance LC columns based on the company’s new core-shell silica technology. By delivering improvements in speed and separation efficiency over traditional 3- and 5-micron columns, Kinetex enables chromatographers to get performance comparable to sub-2-micron columns without investing in UHPLC systems. With these columns, researchers can achieve UHPLC results on any LC instrument platform. Increased separation efficiencies also reduce solvent usage and maintain long column life. Kinetex core-shell technology enables high resolution and sensitivity over an extended linear velocity without generating excessive backpressure. Initially, Kinetex core-shell columns are available in two particle sizes—2.6- and 1.7- micron—and three chemistries—C18, PFP, and HILIC. Kinetex 2.6-micron columns deliver separation efficiencies that match or exceed the performance of traditional fully porous sub-2-micron columns. The Kinetex 1.7-micron delivers efficiency gains of 15 to 20 percent over traditional fully porous sub-2-micron columns. Phenomenex Inc., 310-212-0555,


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