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Disposable Bioreactor System

Wed, 08/26/2009 - 12:43pm

Cellexus announced availability of the 50 liter format of the CellMaker Regular, a single use, disposable bioreactor system providing increased ODs and improved yields of soluble protein when compared with flask grown cultures. The company, designed the system specifically for culture of pichia, E.Coli, and algae cell. The CellMaker Regular range of products use CellexusBags, which are single-use, disposable cell culture bags allowing fast set-up times and eliminating lengthy cleaning protocols. Whereas other disposable systems require shakers, rockers, rollers, or large environmental chambers, the CellMaker Regular range of products employ proprietary airlift technology to efficiently mix, aerate and maintain cell suspension. The CellMaker Regular Controller units enable precise management of temperature (15°C to 45°C), bag-pressure, and flow of air and oxygen into the cell culture. Cellexus Limited, 877-341-3491,



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