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SIRT1 Assay

Tue, 07/21/2009 - 12:08pm

SIRT1 belongs to the class III family of HDACs, which are NAD+ dependent enzymes. SIRT1 modulators have been shown to play a beneficial role in treating diseases such as cancer, diabetes, metabolic disease, and inflammation, making them attractive targets for the development of new drugs. The new HTRF SIRT1 assay, developed by Cisbio Bioassays using its patented HTRF technology, is a homogeneous method for directly measuring SIRT1's deacetylation activity. This simple and rapid assay offers the advantage of very low enzyme consumption compared to other conventional assays. The HTRF SIRT1 assay now enables the identification of both inhibitors and activators of SIRT1 activity, and also discriminates polyphenolic compounds. Cisbio Bioassays, 888-963-4567,

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