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miRNA Assay Solutions

Thu, 08/21/2008 - 12:34pm

Two ready-to-use microRNA (miRNA) assay technologies are simplifying and standardizing gene-regulation research. miScript miRNA Mimics® and miScript miRNA Inhibitors® are ready-to-transfect for use in gene regulation and cellular pathway analysis. By directing a protein complex to bind to specific messenger RNA (mRNA), miRNAs act to fine-tune cellular gene expression. Aberrant expression of several miRNAs is associated with severe diseases such as cancer and heart disease. These tools simplify the analysis of miRNA function can be customized to users’ individual requirements. These synthetic miRNA mimics and miRNA inhibitors optimally meet all of the specialized requirements in this area of research and enhance the productivity of gene-regulation research. Qiagen N.V., 800-426-8157,

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