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Water Intake Monitor

Wed, 01/16/2008 - 10:19am

The BioDAQ collects bout-by-bout, moment-to-moment water intake data. It works with the same technology developed for food intake products, making it possible to record and analyze both food and water intake for singly housed rats and mice at very high resolution. Data collection is initiated by the animal being studied, allowing episodic data to be collected and analyzed to study the moment-to-moment behavior that makes up the larger patterns of food and water intake. Dataviewer software aids in the visualization of feeding and drinking patterns and the recognition of differences in these patterns, total intake and timing. Individual bouts and meals can be isolated and examined according to user-defined criteria. BioDAQ is adapted for use with modified plastic shoe-box style “home cages” to minimize stress on animals and shorten the instrument acclimation period.



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