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Nano-scale Reagent Delivery

Tue, 10/16/2007 - 11:04am

MicroPlant microfluidics-based device enables precise encapsulation of aqueous molecular biology reagents within re-dissolvable polymer microspheres. The ability to consistently encapsulate highly accurate reagent quantities is useful in a variety of applications in molecular biology processes, ranging from food pathogen detection to real time PCR and viral-load quantification. MicroPlant allows both large and small volumes of solutions to be accurately aliquoted into sub-nanoliter droplets, which are converted to polymer beads. The bead size variation is frequently less than 1%, which means extremely low assay variability. The platform is fully scalable — able to produce batches as small as 1000 beads but also up to 15 million × 96 well plates annually.



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