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MALDI Spotting Capability For Nanoflow LC

Wed, 05/16/2007 - 12:56pm

Eksigent has announced the addition of a NanoLC MALDI Spotting System to its nanoflow chromatography product line. Featuring the new Ekspot spotter, the system complements the company’s existing offerings for nanospray mass spectrometry proteomics analysis. Integration of the Ekspot with the NanoLC provides single-point control from the Eksigent software. The tool enables the analysis of complex protein and peptide samples with MALDI MS. The Ekspot spotter/fraction collector deposits fractions eluted from the NanoLC onto a MALDI plate, while a built-in pump automatically adds the matrix. Positioning accuracy ensures consistent spotting with maximum resolution. The system stores up to sixteen MALDI-targets for high-throughput applications. Microscale flow control runs HPLC gradients at rates as low as 20 nl per minute.


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