ASU endocrinologist addresses modern threat of 'sitting disease'

Wed, 07/23/2014 - 2:23pm
Arizona State University

Recent research suggests that excess sitting can be linked to 34 chronic diseases and conditions.

Noted endocrinologist James Levine offers his insight on the subject in a USA Today interview. A longtime researcher of “sitting disease,” Levine co-directs the Arizona State University-Mayo Clinic joint initiative known as Obesity Solutions.

Levine recommends doing at least 10 minutes of non-exercise movement each hour. He also offers practical suggestions for working such movement into a daily routine, like walking around the room during commercials when watching TV.

While regular exercise is beneficial, he points out that it is not enough to combat a lifestyle marked by excessive sitting. He adds that it is particularly important for retirees to observe the 10-minutes-per hour schedule of activity if they want to “lead a zestful, purposeful existence after a life of hard work.”

Article source:
USA Today

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