Top Trends in Life Science: Simplifying the Process of Cloning

Fri, 06/25/2010 - 11:33am

The fields of functional genomics and molecular biology rely on the ability of researchers to customize genes. At Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), customers are interested in simplifying the process of cloning, and site directed mutagenesis.

To meet these challenges, IDT offers a confidential custom gene synthesis service that eliminates the need to clone genes at the bench. By ordering genes from IDT, researchers not only save money spent on reagents necessary for construction, cloning, and sequencing but can also save time by outsourcing the manufacturing of hard-to-clone gene sequences which often result in repeated failures. IDT’s expertise in synthesis of extremely long oligos, known as Ultramers, simplifies the construction of synthetic genes and reduces both the cost of synthetic genes and the turn-around time. Ultramers are long oligos, up to 200 base pairs (bp), and are the highest fidelity next generation synthesis technology available. For customers performing site-directed mutagenesis, purchasing Ultramers simplifies the customer’s work by allowing multiple mutations to be inserted with a single long oligonucleotide.

The need for more complex sequences and manufacturing processes is a constant trend in biotechnology. IDT continues to push the boundaries of DNA synthesis quality and performance and is uniquely equipped to handle the need for more these more advanced methods due to their custom manufacturing information systems and proprietary instrumentation.

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