Pathway Analysis Products

Mon, 07/17/2006 - 7:49am

The Metabolic Vision microbial pathway collection (Ariadne Genomics, Rockville, MD) is available as an ancillary pathway database for the company’s PathwayStudio and PathwayExpert software. The collection expands the applications of PathwayStudio and PathwayExpert to include microbial pathway analysis for basic, medical and industrial microbiology, and food and environmental research in addition to mammalian pathway analysis. The pathway collection comprises more than 6000 curated metabolic and non-metabolic pathways together with detailed prokaryotic and eukaryotic functional overviews that place these pathways in a biochemical and metabolic context. Abstracted from the ERGO Bioinformatics suite, Metabolic Vision was developed as genomic annotations of a database of over 900 genomes across all domains of life.


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