Chemical Inkjet Printer Facilitates Peptide Mass Fingerprinting And Nano-Western Blotting

Tue, 04/12/2005 - 10:41am
The ChIP 1000 Chemical Inkjet Printer (Shimadzu Biotech) is a new tool for proteomics analysis (peptide fingerprint mapping), protein macroarray analysis, and nano-Western analysis. Developed in partnership with Proteome Systems Ltd., the ChIP reproducibly dispenses picoliter volumes of reagents to defined locations on PDVF membranes, allowing for multiple micro-chemistries on specific Western blot spots or bands (from 1- or 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis). This is accomplished through a piezoelectric reagent delivery system, which includes four independent channels for deposition of multiple chemistries or MALDI-TOF matrices to a stationary support. Micro-scale on-membrane digestion can be rapidly generated without the time-consuming procedures of in-gel digestion, peptide extraction, and C18 cleanup steps. The system, a tool for accessing proteins separated by gel electrophoresis, can be used for the study of separated isoforms. Further, piezoelectric deposition capability makes ChIP useful for QA/QC of antibodies and similar applications.

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