Simultaneous Nanoliter Pipettor

Tue, 03/08/2005 - 9:02am
Two new exchangeable modules for nanoliter parallel pipetting extend the range of applications of the CyBi-Well vario pipetting platform. These pipetting modules, equipped with 96 or 384 tips, operate in the 100 to 2500 nanoliter volume range. Ceramic tips enable precise wet-to-wet transfer. Pipettors meet the current low volume liquid transfer requirements of the drug discovery market for applications with test compounds in DMSO. Features include plate storage modules and a variety of available accessories. Exchangeable pipetting heads available for the platform include 96-tip pipette heads covering a 0.5- to 250-μl transfer range, and 384-tip pipette heads covering a 0.5- to 40-μl transfer range.

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