Cell-Based Imaging System

Tue, 05/11/2004 - 11:48am
Cell Lab EIDAQ 100 fully automated cell-based imaging system delivers fast and precise high-throughput imaging and analysis of cell populations. Real-time analysis enables identification of cellular events, such as signaling cascades and receptor activation, in the context of the living cell. Information gathered can be used to develop cell-based assays that identify and validate potential disease targets and to measure cellular response to potential therapeutics. Stabilized excitation light source reduces coefficient of variation and eliminates spikes, which can alter light intensity. CytoShop high-throughput analysis software controls the system and enables easy access to data mining tools, for comprehensive cell population analyses. Cell Lab is a family of integrated cellular analysis products that prepare samples for analysis, identify cell characteristics, probe cell signaling pathways and sort cellular populations for further study.

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