Mon, 01/06/2003 - 5:51am
The NanoPipettor™/ Diluter, which features patented Differential Resolution Displacement technology, is a self-contained unit with a smart hand probe that lets users aspirate nanoliter samples with a fixed or disposable tip, and blow them off in "touchless" fashion. The core technology is based on using two pistons with a small difference in diameter. Both pistons moving together in the "Dual Mode" aspirate nanoliters by very fine differential resolution. One piston moving alone in the "Single Mode" commands enough flow rate for "touchless" dispensing (good droplet blow-off) through either fixed or disposable tips; including tips with sensible internal diameters to minimize clogging and shear effect damage for sensitive biological assays. Touchless delivery can go down to 200 nanoliters with conventional disposable tips and lower with special or fixed tips. It provides single-stroke dilutions as high as 30,000:1 with up to 1 ml.

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