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Central Nervous System (CNS) Summit 2015

July 27, 2015 4:07 pm | Events

CNS Summit, a community dedicated to shaping the future of drug development.

American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) 2015 Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

July 27, 2015 2:39 pm | Events

AACC is a global scientific and medical professional organization dedicated to clinical laboratory science and its application to healthcare. AACC’s approximately 8,000 members come from all areas of lab medicine—clinical and research laboratories, diagnostic companies, government agencies, original equipment manufacturers, and more. Members come from 110 countries and hold the spectrum of lab-related professional degrees, certifications, and...

ADME Columns for HPLC

July 27, 2015 10:07 am | Jm Science, Inc. | Product Releases | Comments

JM Science offers a new line of Shiseido HPLC Columns. The Capcell Pak (Adamantylethyl) ADME is developed by introducing adamantyl groups as the functional group of the reversed stationary phase of a HPLC column.


Deadly and Distinctive: Cancer Caused by Gene Deletions

July 27, 2015 10:00 am | by Yale University | News | Comments

A deadly form of T cell lymphoma is caused by an unusually large number gene deletions, making it distinct among cancers, a new study shows.


Sleep Makes Our Memories More Accessible, Study Shows

July 27, 2015 9:54 am | by University of Exeter | News | Comments

Sleeping not only protects memories from being forgotten, it also makes them easier to access, according to new research. The findings suggest that after sleep we are more likely to recall facts which we could not remember while still awake.


Treatment Failure in Parasite Infection Tied to Virus

July 27, 2015 9:44 am | by Washington University in St. Louis | News | Comments

Two new studies explain why some parasite infections, such as those common in developing countries, sometimes can’t be cured with standard treatments.  


Rarely-seen Whale Washes up on Massachusetts Beach

July 27, 2015 9:28 am | by The Associated Press | News | Comments

Biologists with the New England Aquarium are investigating what may have caused a rarely-seen deep water whale to wash up on a Massachusetts beach.


Spit Take

July 27, 2015 9:21 am | by Rob Matheson, MIT | News | Comments

A newly discovered feeding behavior in worms could shed light on human heart function.


House Passes Bill that Would Ban GMO Labels

July 27, 2015 8:55 am | by Seth Augenstein, Digital Reporter | News | Comments

The U.S. of Representative passed a bill called “The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act” on Thursday preventing states from labeling genetically modified foods. The bill could toss out a patchwork of state and local laws notifying consumers of genetically engineered ingredient and produce.


Bioscience Bulletin: Biotech Startups, Mosquito Senses, and REM Sleep

July 27, 2015 8:05 am | by Bevin Fletcher, Associate Editor | News | Comments

Here are our top stories for this week!


Shoe Covers Provide Traction

July 24, 2015 3:38 pm | Product Releases | Comments

One way to help prevent slips, trips and falls is to make sure shoe covers provide as much traction and slip resistance as possible. Kimtech Pure A8 Unitrax Shoe Covers from Kimberly-Clark Professional do this by delivering four times more grip than competitive products.

Cell Culture Media Platform

July 24, 2015 2:10 pm | by EMD Millipore | EMD Millipore | Product Releases | Comments

EMD Millipore has launched its CellventoTM CHO platform of cell culture media and companion feed formulations for batch, fed-batch and perfusion applications.

Cooled Scientific Cameras

July 24, 2015 9:40 am | Product Releases | Comments

Artemis CCD announces an upgrade in performance and enhanced lens compatibility for the VS range of cameras. The VS design is aimed at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of integrated imaging systems as well as low light microscopy users.

DNA Damage Seen in Patients Undergoing CT Scanning

July 24, 2015 9:38 am | by Stanford University | News | Comments

Along with the burgeoning use of advanced medical imaging tests over the past decade have come rising public health concerns about possible links between low-dose radiation and cancer.


Fat Sense: Scientists Show We Have a Distinct Taste for Fat

July 24, 2015 9:04 am | by Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer | News | Comments

Move over sweet and salty: Researchers say we have a distinct and basic taste for fat, too. But it's nowhere near as delicious as it sounds.



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