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Integrated Microplate Replication And Reformatting (1677)

July 30, 2003 7:30 am | Articles | Comments

The CyBi™-Replicator provides precise and reliable sample preparation. The system's hardware setup has been reworked to enable faster and parallel plate transport. Control software has been enhanced to enable parallel execution. Throughput can be almost doubled without any compromise to quality.

Non-Contact Microarray Production Tool

July 30, 2003 7:30 am | Articles | Comments

The new Piezorray non-contact microarray production tool, based on PerkinElmer's

Ceramic Microarray Pins (1671)

July 30, 2003 7:30 am | Articles | Comments

Apogent Discoveries MicroSpot™ C ceramic pins make it easier to print quality microarrays. The ceramic pins are used with the MicroGrid™ arrayer to provide improved spot morphology, up to 5 times more spots per source visit, and require no pre-blotting.


Microarray Reagent Systems (1673)

July 30, 2003 7:30 am | Articles | Comments

Corning Incorporated, Life Sciences has introduced Pronto!™ cDNA and Universal Microarray Reagent Systems for printing and hybridizing cDNA and long oligonucleotide arrays. The systems offer a complete microarray solution from printing through hybridization.

Chemical Inkjet Printer For Micro-Scale Proteomics

July 30, 2003 7:30 am | Articles | Comments

Chemical Inkjet Printer (ChIP) offers a new approach to Peptide Mass Fingerprinting (PMF) and Protein Macroarray Analysis. ChIP is a unique technology platform for micro-scale on-membrane protein identification and characterization with widespread applications in biomedical and diagnostic discovery.

Microarrayer (1669)

July 30, 2003 7:30 am | Articles | Comments

The new OmniGrid 300 ultra-high throughput microarrayer is designed to meet the needs of production facilities. The OmniGrid 300 microarrayer has the capacity for 308 slides and seventy-two 384-well plates with automated plate loading included.

Structured Illumination In Fluorescence Microscopy

July 18, 2003 5:24 am | Articles | Comments

Images have increased sharpness, contrast and resolution in the axial direction by Dr. Hubert Bauch Figure 1: Schematic representation of a triple-fluorescence-labeled cell in the axial (z) direction. The depth of field of an objective with a high numerical aperture (e.g.

Fluorescence Mapping

July 17, 2003 6:59 am | Articles | Comments

Scanning the surface of samples in the x-y plane for fluorescence by Stephen M. Cohen Figure 1: Steady-state and lifetime FluoroMap developed by Jobin Yvon.


Antibody Purification With Affinity Spin Columns

July 16, 2003 10:05 am | Articles | Comments

Kits include all the devices and premixed buffers necessary for prefiltration, purification concentration and desalting of mono and polyclonal antibodies from a variety of species.

Gene Silencing With PCR Products (1659)

July 16, 2003 10:05 am | Articles | Comments

Gene silencing in mammalian cells can be readily achieved by introducing or expressing small interfering RNA (siRNA) molecules targeting a gene of interest. by Kathy Latham, Ph.D. Figure 1. Silencer Express siRNA Expression Cassette.

Gene Detection Kit

July 15, 2003 6:42 am | Articles | Comments

HiLight™ Dual-Color Kits provide dual-color labeling and sensitive detection for a wide variety of arrays.

Nanovolume Injectors And Switching Valves

July 15, 2003 6:42 am | Articles | Comments

Cheminert Nanovolume HPLC Injectors and Switching Valves facilitate high resolution HPLC at a small scale. The 100 μm (0.004 inches) bore is uniform throughout the flowpath, reducing band broadening and creating less than 25 nl of port-to-port volume.

Sequencing Grade Water

July 15, 2003 6:42 am | Articles | Comments

A.C.E.™ Sequencing Grade Water is ideal for use in capillary electrophoresis. The high purity, RNase and DNase free sterile water, offered for use in DNA sequencing, can be used for sample preparation and provides a safe alternative to formamide.

High Density Sample Storage

July 15, 2003 6:40 am | Articles | Comments

The RTS Life Science Sample Store is now being supplied as a fully integrated package, with internal picking robotics, cold room and liquid handling stations. It is designed to eliminate internal dead space and provide very high density storage.


HPLC System For Proteomics

July 10, 2003 11:08 am | Articles | Comments

NanoLC Proteomics System is an HPLC that facilitates nanoscale LC/MS (liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry) without flow splitting. The system enhances detection sensitivity and reproducibility for LC/MS proteomics studies, while offering ease of set-up, operation, and maintenance.


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