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CDNA Library Services

March 24, 2003 10:23 am | Articles | Comments

Standard cDNA Libraries are produced from customer supplied tissue using a proprietary technology. First strand cDNA is made from mRNA that is primed using oligo dT.


BCR/ABL Probe Pair And Kit

March 21, 2003 5:49 am | Articles | Comments

Chromosomal translocation of ABL oncogene, which maps to chromosome band 9q34., leads to malignant transformation as seen in CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia). The main partner gene involved in the ABL translocation is BCR, located on chromosome 22.

Scalable Cell Culture Bioreactor Systems (695)

March 19, 2003 11:55 am | Articles | Comments

Wheaton Science Products offers Cell Optimizer and Mini Pilot Plant bioreactor systems, which enable automated control of optimum operating parameters over culture volumes ranging from 250 ml to 45 liters.



March 19, 2003 11:55 am | Articles | Comments

BioFlo 110® research fermentor/bioreactor is now available with water-jacketed vessels, offering an alternative to the version that provides temperature control using heater-blankets.

Disposable Bioreactor

March 19, 2003 11:55 am | Articles | Comments

Wave Biotech's largest, pre-sterile, single-use, disposable Wave Bioreactor® system, the SYSTEM1000, has a capacity of 50-500 liters of insect, mammalian and plant cell culture.

Bioreactor and Process Control System

March 19, 2003 11:55 am | Articles | Comments

Cyto ³ bioreactor and process control system cultures attachment dependent cells at high density and viability.

Multi-Channel Chemistry Analyzers

March 19, 2003 11:55 am | Articles | Comments

BioProfile® automated multi-channel chemistry analyzers provide real-time, on-line method for monitoring key nutriets, metabolites and gases in cell culture and fermentation media.

Modular Bioprocess System

March 19, 2003 11:55 am | Articles | Comments

The Biostat® I modular bioprocess system, an enhanced, entry-level research tool, is capable of running one or two experiments simultaneously. Low maintenance single-walled spinner flasks or stirred-tank may be used, increasing system versatility.


Flexible Cell Cultivation Roller System

March 19, 2003 11:55 am | Articles | Comments

CELLROLL modular, expandable cell cultivation system automates the task of rolling cell cultivation bottles. The flexible system, comprising moisture-resistant bottle deck and removable control unit, enables cell cultivation to take place in both standard and CO 2 incubators.

Multiple Benchtop Fermenter/Bioreactor

March 19, 2003 11:55 am | Articles | Comments

MFS2K bioreactor is made of easy to clean 316 stainless steel. A large alphanumeric screen displays set points and process bio-variables (dissolved oxygen, pH, agitation, temperature) in real time.

Bioreactors (681)

March 19, 2003 11:55 am | Articles | Comments

BioBundle™ bioreactors are available in 1-, 3-, 7- and 15-liter sizes for microbial or cell culture applications.

Vessels, Controllers, Accessories

March 19, 2003 11:55 am | Articles | Comments

Bellco Biotechnology offers a complete line of bioreactor vessels, controllers and accessories in volumes from 1 to 36 liters for cell culture and fermentation. Vessels with 45 mm angled/vertical sidearms are available with 100mm neck finish for use with overhead drives or magnetic stirrers.

Automated Microfluidics System (679)

March 18, 2003 11:06 am | Articles | Comments

The AMS 90 SE automates lab-on-a-chip sample introduction from 96- and 384-well plates and works with the proprietary HT DNA 5000-SE30 LabChip® Assay Kit to perform DNA sizing and quantitation analysis at the rate of thirty seconds per sample.

Mammalian Cell Counter (677)

March 7, 2003 10:06 am | Articles | Comments

Pittcon Booth 2732 . Accurately counting mammalian cells in under a minute, the NucleoCounter™ uses patented fluorescence technology and disposable cartridges pre-filled with a nuclei-staining dye to sample and analyze cell counts.


Class II Safety Cabinets

March 7, 2003 9:48 am | Articles | Comments

Pittcon Booth 468 . Class II Heraeus® HERAsafe® KS safety cabinets feature a slanted front window and a rear-cabinet-wall eye-level display that allows parameter and operating functions to be conveniently monitored from a seated position.



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